Moodle Training Services

We offer Moodle training services in a variety of flexible and cost-effective formats for our clients, without charging exorbitant per-person training fees, in favor of a flat fee structure for up to 25 on-site participants and up to 10 online participants.

Online Moodle Training

Our real-time online training is facilitated by the use of web conferencing software, and therefore does not require any of the additional travel expenses associated with on-site training. This makes online training a perfect solution for those looking to maximize their training dollars.

On Site Moodle Training

Our on-site training sessions cover all of the basics related to effective Moodle use and deployment in a variety of settings, including: distance education, supplementing face-to-face instruction, and more. We also offer a second day of Moodle on-site training designed to get participants using and working with Moodle as quickly as possible. This time is devoted to rapid course development, pedagogy and implementation strategies, and provides one-on-one attention for each participant as they bring their curriculum and content into Moodle. On-site training can accommodate larger groups with more time for hands-on practice.

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