Moodle Partner

Providing sustainable fully managed Moodle hosting, proven online and on-site Moodle training, industry-leading Moodle support, and custom Moodle development for the leading Learning Management System.


Our fully managed Moodle hosting services are engineered to provide a reliable platform for scalable online learning. CRTeacher provides an individual instructor with 5 courses on a shared Moodle site for up to 150 users. Shared Moodle hosting accounts can accommodate 50-100 concurrent users, and are designed for organizations with 500-5,000 users. Dedicated Moodle hosting accounts can accommodate 200-500 concurrent users for organizations with 10,000-20,000 users.


Our Moodle training staff develop and provide expert, instructor-led sessions for groups which can be delivered online or in-person, customized to meet your organization's specific needs. Online Moodle training can accommodate up to 10 participants through the use of Web conferencing technologies. On-site Moodle training can accommodate larger groups of up to 25 participants at your location, or at our location in central New York.


Our Moodle support services are designed to allow organizations to leverage our expertise by accessing usability, administrative, and telephone support services. Access to these services is provided through an annual retainer, allowing us to minimize costs while providing support for your organization's key personnel, including: Moodle administrators, course developers, and teachers. At this time, we do not provide end-user support for student users.

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