Technical support is included at no extra charge with any of our fully managed Cloud Moodle Hosting accounts, while those with additional needs can opt for our Moodle Success Service. Our Moodle Success Service is billed annually, and provides access to discounted usability and administrative solutions which are not included with our technical support.

Unlimited Success Ticket Accounts

Usability Solutions

Administrative Solutions

How Success Service Works

An unlimited ticket system is available for access to technical support with all of our Cloud Moodle Hosting accounts, and for use by our Moodle Success Service clients.

Moodle Success Service solutions are allocated in 15 minute increments (e.g., 1-15 minutes = 15 minutes; 16-30 minutes = 30 minutes, etc.), rather than the minimum 1 hour rate required for per-diem solution requests.

Based on an $1,000 retainer, our Moodle Success Service will provide between 6-10 hours of usability and administrative solutions.

All of the retainer funds designated for your Moodle Success Service must be used within 1 year. Any Moodle Success Service retainer funds left unused after 1 year has passed are ineligible for a refund, or for use with any other services.

We reserve the right to change any pricing at any time without further notice.

Available Solutions

Technical Support: Request Moodle software upgrades, report software errors or server performance issues, or request the installation of up to 3 approved third-party plugins for free with any of our Cloud Moodle Hosting packages.

Usability Solution: Submit questions regarding the use of Moodle, or request information for best practices based on your needs. Requires our Moodle Success Service, or may be billed per-diem, at $100/hour.

Administrative Solution: Ask our expert technicians to install compatible modules or blocks, update themes, or make other minor changes to your Moodle site. Requires our Moodle Success Service, or may be billed per-diem, at $150/hour.

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