Open Moodle documentation resources multiply online

The effort to provide effective documentation for Moodle began a few years ago with the introduction of a community wiki at MoodleDocs. With the rapid release of new features and refined interfaces in Moodle, this community wiki has earned accolades and praise for the wealth of information shared there. In fact, recent releases of Moodle have contained a context-specific MoodleDocs link at the bottom of any page with configurable variables, resulting in a dramatic increase in the usability of Moodle.

New Moodle documentation resources have also emerged, including These efforts exemplify bold new innovative resources that can provide video tutorials for Moodle experts, as well as advice for those just beginning to use Moodle. The sample at right is a streaming Moodle overview video that is a little over 2 minutes long., LLC continues to support the open Moodle documentation process by submitting and editing MoodleDocs articles and MoodleTutorials videos on a regular basis. For those seeking professional services, we also offer Moodle training and Moodle support services as an authorized U.S. Moodle Partner.

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