Online Moodle Training

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Participants Participants 10 10
Clock Hours Clock Hours 3 Hours 6 Hours
Basic Moodle and Navigation Basic Moodle and Navigation included included
Learning Management Learning Management included included
Course Management Course Management included included


Our Online Moodle Training offers a significant cost-saving benefit realized through the use of application sharing conference software. This eliminates the costs associated with travel of the more traditional on site training option.

The client is responsible for providing access to an appropriate Internet-enabled computer for each of the participants who may gather in a single location or be dispersed among multiple locations. In this format, each ClassroomRevolution online instructor can work with up to ten (10) learners at a time in order to ensure the quality of the real-time online training.

Navigation & Basic LMS Structure:

  • User Profile: Editing profile information, forum posts, blog, notes, activity reports, and roles.
  • Moodle Organization and Navigation
  • Course Layout: Block management and course display considerations.
  • Blocks: Creation and configuration of: Activities, Blog Menu, Blog Tags, Calculator, Calendar, Chat, Course Description, Courses, HTML, Latest News, Mentees, Messages, Network Servers, Online Users, Quiz Results, People, Random Glossary Entry, Recent Activity, Remote RSS Feeds, Search Forums, Section Links, Tags, and Upcoming Events.
  • We can also cover any non-standard, third-party Moodle block modules that you may have loaded on your Moodle site if you inform us in advance.

Course Management:

  • Course Settings: Course name and summary, enrollment and expiration options.
  • Role Assignments: Teachers, Students, etc.
  • Groups: Create student sections to make large classes more manageable.
  • Backup, Restore, and Import Course Data.
  • Moodle Grade Book, including Scales and Outcomes.
  • Course Questions: Categorization, creation, and configuration.
  • Course Files: Uploading files and file management.

Learning Management:

  • Resources: Creation and configuration of Text Page, Web Page, Link to File or Web Page, Directory, and Label.
  • Activities: Creation and configuration of Assignment, Chat, Choice, Database, Exercise, Forum, Hot Potatoes Quiz, Glossary, Lesson, Quiz, SCORM/AICC, Survey, Wiki, and Workshop.
  • We can also cover any non-standard Moodle resources or activity modules that you may have loaded on your Moodle site if you inform us in advance.

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