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With over 20 years of experience, we offer our clients a unique blend of formal education, technical expertise in Web-based technologies and unmatched credibility in training. ClassroomRevolution is an official Moodle Partner.

Providing the highest quality Moodle services, including fully managed Moodle hosting, is our first priority as we have demonstrated time and again with our diverse base of Moodle hosting, Moodle training, and Moodle support contract clients. Moodle Hosting ClassroomRevolution

We provide Moodle hosting services on our exclusive dedicated servers that have been optimally tuned to ensure that Moodle hosting clients can benefit from a first-rate experience whenever they use Moodle.

We specialize in fulfilling the needs of K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions, government agencies, professional organizations and corporations interested in leveraging the utility of Web 2.0 technologies such as Moodle to serve their unique needs. We design, implement and customize Web-based technologies that promote communication and learning opportunities. In addition to our Moodle hosting services, we offer several different on-site and online Moodle training solutions to ensure the effective use of these technologies.

Moodle Partner

Our membership in the Moodle Partners program provides us with direct access to Moodle founder and lead developer Martin Dougiamas, as well as the other core developers of Moodle. Such access has helped us develop valuable Moodle experience over the past five years.

Our involvement in Moodle Partners program also guarantees the continued development of Moodle because 10% of all of our Moodle sales are sent back to the Moodle Trust. These funds are then used to maintain the current Moodle code and hire developers who work on refining existing Moodle features or introducing entirely new ones.

ClassroomRevolution, LLC is a fully registered and insured limited liability corporation (LLC) located near Syracuse, New York, in the United States.

ClassroomRevolution is the vision of company founders Thomas Caswell and Jeffery Watkins. Utilizing our experience as award-winning, certified classroom teachers and technology coordinators, we have made it our mission to provide all of our clients with these high-quality services in order to expand the effective implementation and use of Web-based learning and communication technologies.

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