Well-informed clients compare Moodle hosts

We encourage all prospective clients to compare hosting policies and discover how our expertise can provide peace of mind due to our proven Moodle Hosting reliability and value. Because of our commitment to providing high-quality hosting services, we will never oversell our hosting accounts. We have been contracted to rescue a number of Moodle sites which have been installed on discount hosting services. As the number of users attempting to access resources rises, the Moodle site slowly become unusable. This experience has taught many organizations to be wary of such discount hosting solutions.

Moodle sites that load very slowly, or that time out, have often been loaded onto discounted hosting accounts on servers with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other accounts. Moodle is dynamic software that can require an extensive amount of server resources to run properly, and simply cannot perform adequately if it is forced to share resources with too many accounts hosted on the same server.

Technical Support

As modern consumers, nearly everyone has experienced both superior and inferior technical support. Unfortunately, not all technical support policies are created equally, often offering few actual technical services without purchasing an expensive support plan. All of our Moodle hosting clients automatically receive the following technical support services at no extra cost:

  • 24/7 technical support for all Moodle software errors & server performance issues, including unlimited named technical support accounts.
  • Installation and customization of standard Moodle, including: image resizing, spell-check, and 3-5 third-party blocks, modules, or other modifications.
  • Moodle upgrades for all security-related concerns and any major (e.g., 1.8 to 1.9) or minor point releases (e.g., 1.6.1 to 1.6.2).

These basic technical support services are provided to our Moodle hosting clients free of charge in order to maintain an optimal Moodle experience. Moodle hosting clients with more advanced needs are also able to purchase our flexible and cost-effective Moodle support services.

Bait and switch

Some Moodle hosts also offer entry-level shared hosting accounts that provide attractive pricing but are often paired with inadequate storage or bandwidth capacities. For example, if a hosting account allows up to 500 users, but only provides 500 MB of storage, is it reasonable to expect that each user will only need 1 MB to upload assignments and attachments? Of course, as soon as these limits are breached, these companies can then offer far more expensive hosting accounts in a classic move that some have labeled as “bait and switch” or “up-selling.” We are simply content to offer a variety of hosting options that can meet any organization’s needs. If upgraded capacities are ever legitimately required, we will pro-rate any usage that has already occurred and apply the remaining funds offset the account upgrade.

Better hosting?

We offer a number of superior features with our hosting accounts. Regardless of the account, we allow an unlimited number of Moodle courses with any of our shared or dedicated Moodle hosting accounts. Even our CRTeacher.com shared Moodle site provides up to five course shells for each site subscriber. All of our hosting clients can choose to use any of our available custom Moodle themes. CRTeacher.com subscribers may choose among many of our themes for each of their course shell accounts. CR-5.0 annual Moodle hosting accounts allow a client to choose a custom Moodle theme and provide logos or images which we place in the theme’s header for a branded effect. Finally, any annual hosting account at the CR-10.0 level or higher, includes the design and creation of a custom Moodle theme based on client specifications for a completely branded solution.

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